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Download Episod NTV 7: Wakenabeb Episod 12

Download Episod NTV 7: Wakenabeb Episod 12

Wakenabeb is a 30-minute reality prank show which will feature scams or pranks played on celebrities. The show will call for nominations from fans or trusted individuals around the celebrity to “get even” by creating the scenario to “kenakan” the celebrities. And what is the better medium to do that? Surely, it’s “wakenabeb”, the show that makes sure you really “kena”.Each episode will have a pre and post scam drama that will highlight the funniest aspects of the scam not forgetting the emotional and the embarrassment aspects.

Gunakan Orbit downloader, Internet Download Manager atau Flashget untuk memuat turun dengan lebih laju, right click kat setiap part di atas dan pilih downlad.. (lihat sini untuk penerangan yang lebih lengkap)

Sila pastikan pemain video anda boleh memainkan fail jenis FLV. Tidak pasti? Lihat disini.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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