Selasa, 21 Ogos 2007

...aah! what i like

i like programming..makes me headache
i like to feel the pain..that's why i like programming
i like to take a walk..makes my feet stronger
i like to show off..makes me proud of what i am made of
i like people insult me..since i don't have time to insult myself
i like being i have enough reason to condemn them
i like to condemn people..i like this a lot
i like to sleep..hoping the next day is better than today
i like to see full moon..makes me wonder about the doomsday
i like starring..coz i like to think about the future
i like to think of the future..makes me forget about the past
i like to be anonymously..then i'll be nobody
i like to be hate..then i'll hate everybody
i like to hear music..err..metal je le yang boleh diterima

but i'll always keep no time at all

8 ulasan:

  1. i like a lot of things that i don't like people know what i like ;p

  2. ade gak thing yang aku like tapi aku not likely hepi to letak =)

    ni ekceli aku amik dari gudang aku. aku rasa dulu aku penah post bende yang sama kat dalam komen blog ko. dulu dulu la. tahun 2005 kot (berdasarkan time stamp file tu)

  3. ~something like this laaa~... 2005 ker? wah, how time flies...

  4. time move forward. people? we evolve, we try to improve

  5. Evolution is an imperfect and often violent process. A battle between what exists, and what is yet to be born. In the midst of these birth pains, morality loses its meaning. The question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice: survive, or perish.

    - Better Halves


terima kaseh :)