Ahad, 19 Oktober 2008


tak ada yang menarik..
gambar ketika raya dahulu. hehe

Ni pakcik aku melukis kat langit guna setting fireworks. pandai kan die melukis..

Kebolehan aku cuma menulis huruf sahaja. itu pon terbalik. hehe.. yang kecik tu adik pakcik aku a.k.a makcik aku..

gambar yang aku cilok dari Tukang kaba. Nasib baik jugak la die ade post gambar raya kat blog die. kot tak, takde la gambar raye aku kat pc ni. hehe


Mari layan lagu cappella dari cerite Scrubs, band si Tedd. hehe

Underdog - The Blanks

There is no need to fear
For the Mutt of Might is here
Secret ring he has filled
With a super energy pill
Trouble calls, he's not slow
It's hip, hip, hip and away he goes

When criminals in this world appear
And break the laws that they should fear
And frighten all who see or hear
The cry goes up, both far and near
For Underdog, Underdog
Underdog, Underdog

Speed of lightning, roar of thunder
Fighting all who rob or plunder
Underdog, Underdog, Underdog

When Polly Purebred starts to fall
From buildings twenty stories tall
She knows the hero she can call
His ears prick up when Polly hollers
Underdog, Underdog
Underdog, Underdog

There's no need to fear or quaver
Underdog is here to save her
Underdog, oh, Underdog

And when our woeful monologue
Is how by evil we've been flogged
Then breaking through the clouds and fog
Not plane, nor bird, nor even frog
Comes Underdog, Underdog
Underdog, Underdog

Now unleash the Dog of Wonder
Tearing evil's bonds asunder
Oh, what a wonder dog
Now here's the epilogue
Underdog, Underdog